Month: March 2011

שלושה פרקים ראשונים לספר אלגו (כמעט)

You know you’re doing something you love if after a week of bedridden-sickness and 18 straight waking hours of hammering out C++ segmentation faults, you find yourself on a Thursday night cracking to just finish jotting down the proof to RSA’s decryption till it’s 2 a.m. and even Facebook, the most holy of all internet watercooler chats, is collectively signing off. 

But anyway – my Algorithm’s book project with Shulamit Halamisch is trudging along. Prof. Linial has been kind enough to invite us to send him finished chapters for his comments and suggestions and we’ll do that when the time comes. Shulamit has been preparing for an overseas conference (and doing her day job, as I have as well), so regrettably not even a single full chapter yet. However, complying with Pareto’s 80-20, I do have what I believe are about 90% of 3 separate chapters (Chap 3: Flow networks; Chap 6: Computation Algebra; Chap 7: Cryptography). While waiting for Shulamit’s (and Prof. Linial’s) future inputs, I have been fortunate enough to have managed to crank these out 10 days before the Moed Beth (of this year’s class), which might hopefully give some good (even if project-wise premature) feedback from people to whom it might be of some actual benefit (imagine that!).

So anyway, it is of course just a work of progress, but then aren’t we all?

Please feel free to pass around; comments and feedbacks will be welcome.