The Start-Up Gold Rush

Absolutely everyone I know is talking about start-ups. Joining a start-up. Founding a start-up. Working for a start-up. Thinking about [any of the above].

Well, to be a little more exact (since I’m a big fan of literalness. Is that a ‘thing’ now?), let’s say practically everyone I know, or at least, an unbelievable portion of the people I socialize with and the media which I consume. Well, I guess they don’t call it ‘start-up nation’ for nothing. It should be pointed out (as some, including my lovely Limor, often do) that this may have more than a little to do with the social circles in which I am involved. My (big-tech-unit) army friends, my (Computer Science) university mates, my (software engineer) coworkers… well, that’s fair. But even amongst those groups, it is noteworthy, how many people are not only thinking about and openly discussing employment in the software field, but specifically in the realm of independent companies. Start-ups.

Is this another new dot-com bubble? In a way, it has to be. There just can’t be enough room for so many people doing the same thing. But is it the same thing, really? It seems that technology, especially of the software variety, is entering our lives at a dizzying pace that will only get faster and stronger. There is and will be room for a lot of people, a lot of new technology, and start-ups, and money to be made. (It will especially be interesting, I think, to see the evolvement of online real monetary transactions grow mainstream and standard. I think the current Pay-Pal model, or at least its level of acceptance, will soon be seen as quaint.)

So, maybe the rush is justified. There’s a lot to be made. Perhaps a better comparison, instead of the dot-com bubble, would be to the 1848 California Gold Rush. And perhaps, similar to the gold rush, the 2010+ Start-Up Rush will yield many millionaires due to unexpected circumstances (railroads, citrus) other than software itself, and unexpected results (the state of California!). Certainly an exciting time.

On a personal level, I am also guilty of the aforementioned pondering. That’ll wait for another time; I basically just wanted to get a post in while it was still May. 😉

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