Watching More TV

Limor and I don’t watch a lot of TV.

(As with entire other classes of technology, such as CD-ROMs or car-phones, the TV is rapidly becoming a defunct term, an old wrapper replaced by more enlightened paradigms, as demonstrated by the ilks of Hulu and Netflix. Even in remote (Hulu & Netflix-less) Israel, we get by almost without using the big box itself. But anyway, I digress, that’s IAP.)

This is a rarity amongst our student community (though we have both recently finished our BSc’s, I guess we still view ourselves as students, at least subconsciously): most people watch lots of TV shows. One good friend mine refers to series he didn’t like as in “he only saw 2 or 3 seasons of that; didn’t care for it.” I don’t think I’ve seen much more than 2-3 seasons of any show, altogether, during my entire degree.

This isn’t something I’m proud of. Nor ashamed of. I think seeing TV shows is a valid, sensible form of entertainment. You can do it excessively, but no-one I know does it to an extent overbearing on their personal nor professional life, and I see no reason to view it objectively as worse than debating politics on Facebook or other forms of Internetizing, or any form of entertainment. Certainly we would not judge anyone who watched the theater every day.

Sometimes I wonder why Limor and I don’t see that much TV. It’s a social liability at times.

Although I generally daydream rather about productivity, perhaps one of my resolutions for 2013 should actually be to see more TV. I shall start this non-resolution immediately, as go off to see a before-bed-time show.