Everybody Loves Psychology

I get asked sometimes why I chose to major in Psychology in my BSc. This is a reasonable question, especially considering my other major was Computer Science. CS is a far cry from Psychology — academically, logistically (at HUJI, it’s on the other side of town), and socially (very little overlap of students between the departments).

[Side note: throughout this post and in general, I’m never quite sure whether to capitalize degree majors. As in, “psychology” or “Psychology”? Sources differ (see here vs here), but it seems like the bottom line is: nobody cares.]

The quite mundane reason is that I like Psychology. More importantly and to stress the idea, I think everybody likes Psychology: we all like to talk about our friends and acquaintances, discuss their motives and personalities, and extrapolate as to who-would-do-what-and-why. It’s such human nature, in everything from family relations to dating to employment hierarchies — we care about what makes people do what they do. We’ve got our personal takes on human nature, our anecdotal tidbits shaping our world views. It seems to me that psychology, in some form or another, is high on the list of interests of all (well, most) of us. It’s just that for various reasons few of us choose to pursue that interest in an academic fashion, instead electing other niches of personal / professional interest.

Heck, the very act of asking a person why did you choose to study psychology is a validation of the premise of my reason. We all care about what makes people tick, some of us just choose to make an academic career (well, at least a Bachelor’s degree) out of it.

[Note from Limor: Since we’ve established by now that many interviewers might read my blog, at least I’ll be able to use this post to save myself the time from repeating this].

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