All the Places You Have Been

As part of my ongoing “live a fun life” project, I’m trying to organize a list of cool things I’ve done and cool things I want to do. One good place to start would be a list of countries I’ve been to. (And a better place to continue would be a list of countries I yet want to visit! But hey, one step at a time.) 

Of course, classification by ‘country’ is hardly representing: do 5 years and/or a cross-country trip in the USA count the same as 8 hours in Madrid? Should I count a day in Budapest spent entirely in the airport, or a week in Gaza during the Israeli disengagement, as the territory shifted from Israeli to Palestinian occupation? What about places visited when I was young enough to barely remember (or not at all)? Oh, well: so here’s the list and some notes, accurate as of January 2013 (and as far as my memory doesn’t currently fail me):

Country Name When (last/longest) Visited Length of Visit (approx., in days)
Argentina 09′ 30
Bolivia 09′ 30
Brazil 09′ 30
Canada 98′ 7?
Chile 09′ 30
Colombia 09′ 14
Costa Rica 12′ 9
Cuba 12′ 7
Cyprus 03′ 7
Czech Republic 11′ 3
Dominican Republic 91′? 7?
Ecuador 09′ 14?
England 07′ 7
France ? ?
Germany ? ?
Guatemala 12′ 30
Holland ? 7
India 06′? 14
Ireland 09′ 14
Israel N/A 1,000+
Italy ? 7?
Jordan ? 7
Mexico 98′? 7?
Paraguay 09′ 7
Peru 09′ 30
Russia 11′ 14
South Africa 10′ 14
Spain 12′ 1
Sweden 08′ 14
Switzerland ? ?
Turkey 03′ 1
Uruguay 09′ 14?
USA N/A 1,000+

(Link to original list here.)


  • Gaza, ’05, some two weeks of presence in evacuated Israeli settlements, safeguarding against looting mostly (and sweating like hell). As this was still part of Israel at the time, not mentioned.
  • Budapest, ’09, about fourteen hours spent entirely in the airport with a dislocated shoulder, en route between Dublin and TLV. This had been the tail end of my trip to South America, and I was sick and tired of discovering new places and in physical pain enough to eschew the site-seeing. Not mentioned.
  • Madrid, ’12: On the way back from Central America with Limor, we had an 8-hour (total) stopover in Madrid en route from Guatemala City to TLV. We hit the pavement hard, procured a local CouchSurfing guide and had an eventful site-seeing afternoon downtown (photos here). Mentioned.
  • Several (mostly European) countries as to which I am uncertain of the dates – mentioned.
  • USA & Israel, each with 5+ years in total. (Uh, mentioned.)

I even drummed up one of those maps-with-marked-countries pictures. It is, as outlined in the intro paragraph, highly misleading and misrepresenting, but as it is still a graphic it seems like a good way to end this post. Hurrah!