Haifa Adventures (January 2013)

Some fun experiences from the past week or so, all of them with Limor, we:

  1. …hiked in and around Zichron Yaakov (“in and around”) because in my interpretation a ‘hike’ consists of walking in the nature, while Limor’s consists of parading European-style down the streets. 🙂 
  2. …hosted (via CouchSurfing) Federico from Verona for a couple of nights. He shared Friday night dinner with my parents and later coffee with friends (and was our first CS guest in Haifa after a long hiatus since leaving Jerusalem).
  3. …hiked down Nahal Ezov, from Margalit street in Haifa all the way down to southern entrance to the city, visited the mall and bused back. Pictures here
  4. …hosted Eric and a friend of his (from Philadelphia) for a night. I love Americans. This was on the night of the first day of my new job, which was kind of over-ambitious, but it worked out the way I intended/expected it to – long tiring days full of good experiences. Experiences are more important than time to rest! (Hey, even on small scales.)
  5. …hiked around Stella Maris, and met up with Barbara, a red-headed Brazilian from Curitiba who is interning at Beit Itzhak in agronomy (or some other form of agriculture work. To programmers, it’s all the same). With her  we hiked down to Elijah’s Cave and down to the Bat Galim beach and went back up by cable car (And dig it, a Wikipedia entry on Haifa’s cable cars). 

Here’s to even more weeks of adventures, hosting and friends 🙂

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