New Job

Two days ago I started a new job, as a software developer at a company called 3i-mind. This is exciting, as this is my first full-time position in software development outside of the army (sometimes you gotta phrase things a certain way to make them headline-able). I will be focusing on front-end development, of which I’m a big fan.

The company is based in Kfar Netter (near Netanya), which necessitates a medium-longish commute by car from Haifa, where Limor and I just moved in. So now thinking forward, we are looking for a place nearby to move to. Ideally we would be interested in a small place in a moshav, but next to public transportation: Beit Yehoshua would be perfect; other options include Tel Itzhak or Kfar Netter, Even Yehuda or Hertzeliyah, or eastern Netanya.

Starting a full-time position, similarly to any other commitment, is a scary prospect. Have I chosen the right path? Am I ready for this commitment? What about the other options? Where is my life going?

Oh, well. There’s no point constantly re-evaluating your decisions. I’ve made my choices and now it’s show-time; hard work is ahead and I welcome it.

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