Quora Blog

“Keeping Up With the Joneses” used to mean having a nice-enough car or house or TV-screen. Now even abstract concepts such as your blog provider must be taken into account. I guess this just a natural, perhaps overdo extenuation of the email provider caste indication.

The new kid on the block, Quora, has unveiled their blog platform. Naturally, I opened my own shop there – http://sellarafaeli.quora.com/ – but I guess it’s mostly just to try it out. I am not moving just yet, and am wondering whether this will be another Google+ experience. (Which people might claim has succeeded in its own way, but in my life it is the same as if it had never existed.)

It seems Quora’s best feature would be integrating your blog within the Quora community, perhaps allowing for good exposure along the way. I think this is indeed the key metric for most bloggers (along with a decent UI interface for the writing itself, in which Quora offers a decent experience but is nowhere near WordPress’s integration with MS Word, for example). For the meantime, that’s not any goal of my own blog, though it does make you think about it.

For one person’s list of qualms regarding Quora Blog, read here: http://dijest.quora.com/Quoras-blogs-arent-blogs. Noteworthy is the fact that this was posted on Quora itself, and not only as tongue-in-cheek; Quora is full of anti-Quora posts. This not only expresses a general tolerance of the site (unimpressive in itself, since anything else would have been totally unacceptable), but is also a display of the type of vibrant tolerant discourse taking place on the site. For a deeper investigation of this topic, check out http://rage-against-quora.quora.com/.

Communities play on your sense of social commitment: you commit yourself to a higher level of participation, in volume and/or in quality. For some of us, perceived in-ability to maintain a high (enough) level of quality results in a lower quantity of output. Couple that with a lack of time to commit to yet-another-online-community , and I think I’ll just stick to writing to my own personal, non-exposed, community-less blog for now.

Well, or maybe I’ll just cross-post some posts to Quora, too, just to give it a shot. Just the number of times the word ‘Quora’ itself appears in this post might be an indication of the attractiveness of that company/platform, for myself or in general.