A (Good) Programmer with a Mac (series)

Today marks my four-month mark as a back-end software engineer at Fiverr(.com), a small (but growing) software company (“start-up”, some might say) in Tel-Aviv. I have learned (and still am) a lot in these four months, and would/should detail my thoughts on these.

We use Macbook Airs at Fiverr. More on that some other time, and I thought this title would be a good title for the series: A Good Programmer with a Mac.

As with any worthy thing, there is a hidden message beneath the bare words, based on a *wordplay of* a famous Hebrew joke. This is my favorite type of jokes: where there are several layers of understanding and perhaps a cultural reference (oh, I did love me The Da Vinci Code); I especially enjoy the glint of people who immediately understand the joke (hint: in this case, the original joke is a Hebrew [racist] pun about ‘with a pen’). I’ve also found this to be one of the best assessors of intelligence – people who can grasp the deeper context of a saying, and immediately at that.

But I digress. I’m definitely a programmer (by trade), and I have a Mac, at the moment. ‘Good’ is as subjective as anything, but you can read the other posts and make up your mind on that.