A Programmer with a Mac: Job Definition (Software Engineer vs Programmer)

I never know what to say when people when people ask me what I do. I can’t just say I ‘work in high-tech’, since that is extremely vague (so does my company’s secretary, our marketing people, our QA guy, etc). Am I a ‘software engineer’? That sounds quite pretentious (in Hebrew the subtleties are different, but similar). Is ‘programmer’ a more apt definition? People who build airplanes aren’t ‘airplaners’, but as people have pointed out, I don’t have an engineering degree (just CompSci, pfft), so I’m not really an ‘engineer’ by the formal definition of *that* word. Pertinently, however, it seems relatively little of my time is spent churning out code, and most of it is debating and considering how to best coordinate complicated interactions between separate, intertwining logical [software] components (and interweaving *that* coordination with the inter-human level creating all that). This is a simple reflection of the technological efforts that my company (Fiverr) in its entirety (well, at least the technological stack) is dealing with these days. Perhaps the good news is most people don’t really care that much – the most important thing for them is oh, so can you help me fix my printer? (Just kidding. Nobody has a printer anymore these days.)