Chrome-Fu: Custom URLs via ‘Search Engine’ hacking

(Technical post.)

Chrome’s omnibar is very good at helping me speed quickly to my desired (and oft-used) websites. Über-speed is important at everyday tasks, since there are no small delays. In some cases the omnibar does not manage well enough; in those cases I would like to define a custom route, s.t. hitting ‘foo’ in the omnibar will redirect me to

So here’s the relevant thread, and to my view the best solution:

1. Open chrome’s settings via the omnibar, chrome://settings/searchEngines

2. Add a new fake ‘search engine’, namely entering a namekeyword, and URL. In our case these would be “My Custom Route”, foo, and

3. ‘Done’, and we are: now Cmd+L, f-o-o, ‘enter’ will take us to our custom site.

Kind of a hack (too bad Chrome doesn’t offer this as built-in functionality), but useful for sites we visit a lot that don’t have an easy-to-find URL.