Git for Smart Noobs

One of the problems with technical topics is that the oftentimes experts have a very hard time explaining the complicated details to others with less of an expertise. The explanations, aiming for exactness and truthfulness, go over the student’s head and are lost.

In my personal (slow, arduous) journey to learn the basics of OS code development and Git, whenever I manage to reach a more-than-basic understanding of a more-than-basic topic I try to write a post to explain that topic. This (hopefully) results in:

  1. Others (other noobs) benefitting from a down-to-earth explanation in terms they can understand, and
  2. My better understanding of the topic, for the best way to understand something is to explain it.

I’ve been writing using ‘Medium’, a new blogging software, which is aesthetically very pretty and does a good job at it’s main claimed purpose, “getting out of the way” and allowing you to spill your ideas easily.

So far I’ve written on how to use git rebase and git reset. Check it out.