Here’s a list of some web-app ideas I’ve been thinking about. 

1. Daat – Quality-controlled free-form Q&A site(s).

Quora has proved that a market exists for such a site, and has convinced its investors to the tune of a $1bn. They have not yet captured the whole market, though, and most notably they remain largely invisible and uninteresting to anyone whose first language is not English. 

2. NKH (No Kupat-Holim) – An online doctor’s examination 

Much medical interaction consists of formatted informational q&a / flow-charts which is the forte of online web applications. This has naturally led to people resorting to using the web to diagnose themselves, but no clear leader has emerged to replace the tier-0 functionality of forums and “googling your symptoms”. A dedicated website, allowing you to adequately identify specific symptoms as well as browse others’ anonymous diagnoses and/or a premium live response from paid doctors would be great. 

It’s one of those things that you just know are going to happen sometime – why sit in line to talk to someone about why your stomach hurts, when you can ask every doctor in the world? 

3. Micropayments Portal – an easy way to pay small amounts online. 

Most people won’t pay for stuff online because of a combination of:

  1. It’s a hassle. 
  2. You can usually get whatever you wanted for free instead of paying for it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you could hassle-free pay very small amounts (say, less than 1$) people would be much more inclined to use such payments. These payments could be used anywhere – to read articles, donate money, in-(web)-app purchases…

If any of these interests you, drop me a line: